Privacy Statement

Amsric Group is made up of four companies,Amsric Foods Ltd, Amsric Cornwall Ltd, Amsric Ltd and Amsric Health Clubs ltd.


Amsric is an appointed Franchisee for KFC, Starbucks and Anytime Fitness with a total of 70 stores from Tower of London down to Penzance, Cornwall.


The business operates a variety of assets which include Drive Thru, Food Courts, Express and High Street restaurants, employing some 2000 employees. 

Our Culture

We believe that our success is driven by the power of our employees working in unison with a shared set of common goals and values. We take an inclusive approach to talent management and celebrate success every day and to us recognition is much more than just saying thank you – it is about really celebrating achievements, milestones and behaviours. 


Our Growth Strategy

Amsric Group’s growth plan is to develop both the KFC, Starbucks and Anytime Fitness business across the South of England, with a store development programme looking at opening and acquiring 5 to 10 new stores each year. 

Our mission is to be “The brand leading partner, selling the best product with the biggest smile, consistently!” and we hope that with the help and support of all our employees, present and future, we will deliver on this each and every day.